Location in the US

Our R&D center in the United States

Our R&D center in Wilmington (DE)

  • Novasep CDMO R&D center
  • Chiral and diastereomer separations
  • Purification of natural (animal or plant) extracts
  • Purification of complex synthetic mixtures, peptides, oligonucleotides
  • Biologic purification

Our site in Wilmington (DE) is the US R&D center of Axplora, leading API manufacturer in the USA and Europe. This site offers purification services, including screening, process development, analytical development services and small-scale production to the pharma and biotech companies to purify their APIs, intermediates, and key starting materials.

The Axplora’s US team has a long-standing expertise in analytical and preparative chromatography techniques including HPLC, continuous chromatography such as SMB (Simulated Moving Bed) and advanced process development methodologies using in-silico computer modeling. The site can offer multigram purification capacity under GLP conditions (non-GMP) to support customers’ early phase studies.

Our site in Wilmington (DE) – North Carolina region, USA

Our experience covers any type of purification challenges including chiral and diastereomer separations, purification of natural (animal or plant) extracts, purification of complex synthetic mixtures, peptides, oligonucleotides and biologic purification.

We support locally early phase studies of APIs (up to 10’s gram purification capacity). 

Projects requiring large scale production are then seamlessly transferred to Axplora’s FDA-inspected European facilities, which provide standalone purification services or a combination of chemical synthesis and purification, from kg to multi-ton scale. The Wilmington team enables fluid project coordination for our US customers.