Reliable partner.
Agile explorer.

The partner of choice for complex APIs

Driven by the curiosity, skills and dedication
of our employees, we innovate and
collaborate with our customers to deliver
sustainable, technologically-advanced API
products and services benefitting people,
patients and the planet.

It's all about people and patients.

Dr. Sylke Hassel, CEO


We are experts at finding solutions and managing complexity, exploring new ways to meet our customers’ needs. We are agile and responsive and we strive to provide the highest quality manufacturing solutions that will enable our customers to improve the quality of life of their patients.

CDMO Services

Axplora offers a full range of CDMO services for small molecule APIs & biopharmaceuticals to innovators.
We have a number of specialized technologies including HPAPIs, ADC bioconjugation, hazardous chemistry, steroids, industrial chromatography and flow chemistry, supported by an extensive toolbox of classical chemistry.

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API Products

Axplora offers a comprehensive portfolio of small molecule APIs. We are a global leader in manufacturing non-sterile and sterile steroids as well as a leading supplier of specialty API products, including 5-ASA, UDCA, certain amino acids, High Potent Substances (HPS) and anticancer drugs.

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Our locations

Axplora is an international group with a strong and flexible manufacturing network for APIs.

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Press Release

Axplora announces the grant of a Pharmaceutical Establishment License for its Le Mans site

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Will the legal name of the company change as well? Legal

As Axplora is only a brand name, the legal identities of the company will remain the same.

Why did you decide to have a common name after the merger? Why not just keep Novasep-PharmaZell? Communication

Since the closing in April 2022, we’ve been working hard to define the identity and the strategy of our joint company.
We wanted to show via the logo that the parts are reassembled under one brand, which convey as well our improved offering.
We wanted a name that showed all our stakeholders what we stand for and our ambition.
Axplora, as well as our tagline “Reliable partner. Agile Explorer.” now perfectly mirrors our DNA, and the spirit of innovation that drives our teams.

What is Axplora's vision and strategy? Business

Axplora ambition is to be the partner of choice for complex APIs, and to be the trusted partner to deliver the best products on time and at scale, at the highest industry standards for the world’s leading pharma and biotech companies, and for the benefit of the patients’ needs.
For that, the group works closely to align with its partners in order to address their specific needs.
Our combined strengths will allow us to explore new innovative ways to deliver and adapt our approach, to enable our customers to manufacture the active ingredients that form the basis of new and existing treatments.

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