Scientific Advisory Board

Our world-renowned board members

The Axplora Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) brings together leading international experts with complementary areas of expertise, spanning from catalysis to electrochemistry, steroids, biochemistry, and ADCs.

Scientific Advisory Board 5 members Axplora

Mission, role & responsibilities

The advisory body plays a key role in following market trends and shaping our R&D activities and focuses on supporting the deployment of innovative technologies and modalities at Axplora. With the Board’s insight and guidance, Axplora is well-positioned to meet the challenges of API development and manufacturing for the benefit of our clients and their patients.

The SAB members help grow Axplora’s visibility as an important player in specific technologies.

Members are committed to:

  • Attending regular SAB meetings every year to:
    • Assess Axplora’s innovation projects and directions,
    • Propose potential innovation projects, directions, and partners for Axplora.
  • Participating in seminars and customer visits with Axplora’s representatives in Europe or overseas, presenting scientific lectures based on research conducted by our team to position Axplora as an innovative and scientific leader.
  • Assisting Axplora in scientifically related tasks, such as literature surveys, or helping R&D personnel to solve scientific or technical issues, etc.

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