Compliance & Ethics

At Axplora, we provide the world with a sustainable supply of pharmaceutical ingredients and chemical products, enabling our customers to improve their patients’ quality of life.

With Axplora’s mission comes a great responsibility to uphold the trust of our stakeholders. Our unwavering commitment to business integrity is the cornerstone for safeguarding this achievement.

Code of Business Conduct

The foundation for integrity at Axplora is our Code of Business Conduct.  It is intended to guide daily behaviour and help employees resolve the most common ethical and compliance issues they may encounter.

The Code of Business Conduct applies to all employees, officers and directors of Axplora, as well as entities that we control.

Axplora Code of Business Conduct

Supplier Code of Conduct

We extend our commitment to ethical business practices beyond our organization through our Supplier Code of Conduct.

We partner with suppliers who share our values and expectations, ensuring that they adhere to similar standards of conduct in their dealings with us and others. This includes requirements related to fair labor and business practices, anti-corruption, environmental responsibility, and quality assurance.

Axplora Supplier Code of Conduct

Speaking up

Unethical or illegal behavior can cause serious loss or harm to an organization and its employees, customers, and stakeholders. It is everyone’s responsibility to help prevent such activities.

Axplora encourages an open and honest culture. Our employees, as well as third parties, can raise concerns, or report actual or suspected non-compliance with our Code of Business Conduct, our Supplier Code of Conduct, Axplora policies or applicable laws and regulations by contacting any of the following:

The Axplora Integrity Line is a third-party operated reporting channel available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in all languages spoken at Axplora. Such reports can be made anonymously when permitted by local legislation.

The use of the Axplora Integrity Line is entirely optional and voluntary, and there will be no consequences for employees who do not use the system.

Axplora protects those who use the Speak Up program to raise concerns appropriately and in good faith. We do not retaliate against anyone who raises a concern, or against those who assist in investigations of suspected violations.

Axplora takes its responsibility to investigate potential instances of misconduct seriously, whether detected in the normal course of business, via the Axplora Integrity Line, or from any other source.

Axplora will ensure that these investigations are conducted consistently and professionally and in accordance with company standards and relevant laws.