Electrochemistry: from process development to large-scale manufacturing

Axplora electrochemistry services

The pharmaceutical industry is actively looking for more sustainable and cost-efficient solutions to match the increased complexity of the new APIs being developed.

Electrochemistry has seen a surge of interest in the past few years, providing new options for development chemists but with challenges in manufacturing.

Axplora has gained unique experience to make electrochemistry successful at a large commercial scale. We are the ideal partner to support our customers’ needs for development, scale-up, and manufacturing services using electrochemistry.

Expertise in electrochemistry

Axplora is the world leader in manufacturing electrochemical processes with more than thirty years of experience in cGMP production of pharmaceutical APIs and intermediates using electrochemical synthesis:

  • A long track record of expertise
    • >1000 tons of intermediates and APIs produced per year
    • 3 sites offering capabilities to perform electrochemistry at an industrial scale
  • Outstanding regulatory & quality assurance track record
    • All sites are regularly inspected by the US-FDA and European authorities
    • 3 APIs currently manufactured on our sites involve electrochemistry
    • Proven track record in process validation for electrochemical processes
  • A reliable partner
    • > 10 years average relationship length with key customers
    • Strong commitment to sustainable and cost-effective processes
    • Track record of commercial production of electrochemical processes
  • Agile and responsive teams
    • Experienced process development teams supported by recognized experts on our Scientific Advisory Board
    • Strong engineering team ensuring robust scale-up
    • A large panel of technologies to support complex API manufacturing
cGMP electrochemical production facilities for APIs
cGMP electrochemical production facilities for APIs

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Our solutions for APIs using electrochemistry

Axplora offers a full range of services for APIs using electrochemistry, from process development to industrial-scale manufacturing.

From gram to multi-ton commercial per year, you can rely on our expertise to develop electrochemical processes and produce your key intermediates or APIs in a viable, sustainable and cost-efficient way.

  • Process development to scale-up
    • Process development and optimization
    • Capabilities for membrane and electrode material screening
    • Non-GMP kg scale equipment for initial scale-up and Proof of concept studies
    • Process characterization
  • Validation
    • Process validation
    • Analytical validation
    • Cleaning validation
    • Regulatory support
  • Commercial manufacturing
    • Routine production
    • Continuous improvement
    • Life cycle management
Axplora electrochemistry services
Axplora electrochemistry services

Our centers of excellence for electrochemistry

Three of our sites offer API manufacturing using electrochemistry.

Axplora manufacturing site for electrochemistry in Raubling
Axplora manufacturing site for electrochemistry in Raubling
Axplora manufacturing site for electrochemistry in Chennai
Axplora manufacturing site for electrochemistry in Chennai
Axplora manufacturing site for electrochemistry in Vizag
Axplora manufacturing site for electrochemistry in Vizag

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