Lipid production: from synthesis to purification

High-quality lipids are of great interest in the pharmaceutical industry as essential components of Lipid nanoparticles for RNA-based therapies. The production of such lipids requires multi-step synthesis and complex purification to be performed under a cGMP environment whilst preserving these fragile molecules from degradation of any kind.

As a leading CDMO in the manufacturing of complex APIs, Axplora is an expert in combining synthesis and Downstream Processing (DSP) using modern chromatographic purification.

Expertise in lipids production

Axplora, with its Novasep heritage, has a proven track record in lipid process development and manufacturing. It provides reliable and agile solutions to innovators.

Our expertise in performing complex and delicate downstream processing for pharmaceutical ingredients in chemical or bioprocesses is recognized by our innovative customers, which include large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

  • A long-standing expertise
    • > 20 years of experience with lipids
    • > 300 clinical and commercial cGMP lipid batches produced
  • Outstanding regulatory & quality assurance track record
    • All Axplora’s sites are regularly inspected by the US-FDA and European authorities
    • >98% compliant batches
  • A reliable partner
    • Pioneer and market leader in preparative chromatography for pharmaceutical manufacturing through our Novasep heritage
    • Strong commitment to sustainable and cost-effective processes
  • Agile and responsive teams
    • The most extensive range of installed industrial purification/chromatographic equipment in the world, offering manufacturing solutions from grams to multi-tons
    • Three sites with capabilities to perform complex chemistry coupled with state-of-the-art chromatography equipment
Axplora lipid purification
Axplora lipid purification

Our solutions for lipid production

Axplora offers a full range of services for lipids, from synthesis to purification, covering process and analytical development to clinical and commercial manufacturing.

  • Process development to scale up
    • Feasibility studies & process development
    • Analytical transfers
    • Process transfers & optimizations
    • Design of Experiment 
    • Proof of Concept (PoC) batches
    • cGMP & non-GMP manufacturing
  • Validation
    • Process validation
    • Analytical validation
    • Cleaning validation
    • Regulatory support
  • Commercial manufacturing
    • Support to clinical supply
    • Routine commercial production from kgs to multi-tons scale
    • Continuous improvement
Axplora lipid production
Axplora lipid production

Our sites offer capabilities to produce lipids

Three of our sites can produce lipids.

  • Our Chasse-sur-Rhône site in France can perform complex chemical development and GMP manufacturing from kgs to multi-tons scale, coupled with a wide range of chromatography capabilities.
Axplora manufacturing site for lipid production in Chasse-sur-Rhône
Axplora manufacturing site for lipid production in Chasse-sur-Rhône
  • Our Axplora Mourenx site, located in south-west France, is home to the largest cGMP purification plant, but also large cGMP chemical manufacturing capacities.
Axplora manufacturing site for lipid production in Mourenx
Axplora manufacturing site for lipid production in Mourenx
  • Our Pompey site, located in France, is Axplora’s center of excellence for chromatographic purification.
Axplora manufacturing site for lipid manufacturing in Pompey
Axplora manufacturing site for lipid manufacturing in Pompey

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