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Axplora lab

We are a trusted partner to the world’s leading pharma and biotech companies. We are specialized in the custom development and upscaling of complex API production processes, as well as in the production of small molecule APIs for the generic industry.

We combine the expertise and capabilities of Farmabios, Novasep and PharmaZell to form a leading CDMO and active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturer. We support the entire lifecycle of pharmaceuticals. Our combined strengths enable us to produce active ingredients that provide existing and innovative treatments for patients worldwide. Our 2,300 employees are committed for customers and stakeholders in our 11 sites based in Europe, India and the US.

A technologically advanced provider in API products & CDMO services

Axplora API products & CDMO services


CDMO projects in clinical development

Our broad portfolio of production sites and technologies put us in a unique position to provide excellent CDMO services and produce high-quality generic API products to better serve our customers along the entire life cycle of active pharmaceutical development and manufacturing, from clinical phases to generic products.

As a leading player in the fast-growing CDMO services market, we support innovative pharmaceutical & biopharmaceutical companies with tailored services including process development, clinical, scale-up and commercial manufacturing to deliver complex APIs. We offer our customers the best services thanks to a set of differentiating technologies such as hazardous chemistry, ADC manufacturing (antibody drug conjugates), chromatography, steroids, HPAPI manufacturing (Highly Potent APIs) and many others.

In addition, we offer a targeted portfolio of small molecule APIs for the generic industry. A large part of our products are steroids and HPAPIs used in various treatment areas such as anti-cancer, women’s health,  respiratory and now for COVID-19 treatments or other inflammatory diseases.

We constantly work on improving our processes and challenge our way of working in order to be the partner of choice for our customers, contributing to deliver the best drugs possible to the patients.


commercial APIs manufactured each year

A global company for complex APIs

We have a strong API network with 9 manufacturing sites in Europe and India and a R&D lab in the US that enable us to be highly competitive for our customers worldwide. Thanks to this global footprint, we can supply the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world to meet their needs and are able to supply  generic products to almost all countries in the world.

A scientific, innovative pharma supplier with differentiated technologies

Our company is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit to develop new chemical and purification technologies such as industrial chromatography, hazardous chemistry, enzymaric reactions, electrochemistry, cryogenic chemistry, steroids (including sterile steroid APIs), HPAPIs and ADCs (payloads & conjugation).

Our innovation mindset leads us to continuously expand our capacities to meet growing customer demand.  We also develop and implement innovative next-generation processes to extend product lifecycle.

A strong basis:  Partner, Patients, People and Planet

We enable our partners to fully realize their ambitions. Driven by the curiosity, skills and commitment of our employees, we innovate and collaborate with our customers to deliver sustainable, technologically advanced API products and services that benefit people, patients and the planet.

“In the end it is all about people and patients.”

Dr. Sylke Hassel, CEO Axplora

Sylke Hassel