Fluprednidene Acetate

CAS number: 1255-35-2

General information about the Fluprednidene Acetate active pharmaceutical ingredient

Fluprednidene Acetate as active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is a corticosteroid or steroid, class of glucocorticoid, used to treat skin inflammations such as atopic dermatitis and contact dermatitis. Fluprednidene Acetate API works by reducing the inflammation, it relieves itching, redness, dryness, crusting, scaling, and discomfort. Fluprednidene Acetate comes as a cream, gel, ointment,and solution. Fluprednidene Acetate it is often combined with antifungal agents for the treatment of inflammatory dermatomycoses.

Axplora manufactures Fluprednidene Acetate API

Fluprednidene Acetate API is manufactured in cGMP by Axplora via chemical synthesis from early stage starting material. Fluprednidene Acetate API is produced by Farmabios, our EUGMP, USFDA and PMDA approved manufacturing site with legal seat in Gropello Cairoli, Italy. Farmabios’ expertise is to make and handle with steroids, niche hormones, and highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredient (HPAPI), including cytotoxic drugs. Fluprednidene Acetate API is commercially available as standard grade designed around various formulation requirements. Tailor-made packaging solutions are available upon request. Feel free to contact us if you need any additional information about Fluprednidene Acetate API.
  • Therapeutic area Dermatologic
  • Monograph INTERNAL SPEC.
  • Available grade Standard
  • Regulatory documentation EU DMF
  • Produced in GRO