CPHI 2023: Interview with Dr. Sylke Hassel, CEO

Published on November 21, 2023

Sylke Hassel, CEO Axplora

Last month, Axplora participated in CPHI Worldwide, the unmissable annual event for global players in the pharmaceutical industry.

Let’s get back to this successful CPHI Barcelona 2023 edition in video with an exclusive interview from Dr. Sylke Hassel, led by Life Sciences Knowledge Hub, to discuss the key achievements, forces and breaking news of Axplora:

A year after the merger between Farmabios, Novasep and PharmaZell under the single brand Axplora, CPHI was the unique opportunity to look back over our first few months as a group. A wonderful anniversary for the brand and the teams working hard behind, with promising meetings and fruitful discussions. A great outlook for the future!