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The generic API portfolio brings together proprietary know-how, hands-on innovation and our commitment to uncompromising quality.  Since 1909, we’ve built our business with a customer-centric focus and a mutual respect for our employees, partners and the environment. We offer:

  • A Global Network of Expertise: The Group has production sites and employees in pharmaceutical production markets in Germany, Italy and India.
  • A Trusted Partnership: We take pride in our long-term customer relationships.
  • A Solution-Oriented Approach: We are an accessible organization, motivated to make things simpler for customers’ business.
  • A Competitive offering: We consistently deliver value and attractive pricing.

Dedication to quality, innovation, and regulatory compliance


Our mission is to empower pharmaceutical companies with the essential ingredients they need to develop groundbreaking treatments and improve the quality of life for patients worldwide. When you choose Axplora, you choose a partner committed to your success in the dynamic and ever-evolving pharmaceutical landscape.

Our Products

PharmaZell distinguishes itself through a specialized portfolio comprising small molecule Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), complemented by tailored development and manufacturing services catering to both the generic and originator pharmaceutical sectors. With a global presence, the company strategically operates across three production facilities, showcasing its commitment to excellence. One of these state-of-the-art facilities is situated in Germany, while the other two are strategically located in India, reflecting PharmaZell’s dedication to meeting diverse market needs. As a vital member of the PharmaZell Group, the company harnesses the collective expertise of its 750 employees worldwide. This collaborative effort ensures a seamless integration of knowledge and resources, fostering innovation and efficiency throughout the pharmaceutical value chain. PharmaZell’s global footprint underscores its unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality solutions, thereby contributing significantly to advancements in the pharmaceutical industry.

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PharmaZell is part of Axplora. Looking back on history of over 100 years the Group ensures high quality and added values by innovative, green technologies and a focused product portfolio. Click here to learn more.


At PharmaZell, we are continually creating a culture of innovation built on open dialogue, new ideas and flexibility. Our approach enables us to adapt supply chains for optimal quality and for securing product supply. Our guiding principles are captured in our Code of Business Conduct, which is built on respect for one another, our partners and the environment. We are continuously striving to improve plant processes. We believe that investing in both our plants and employees pays off.


Our site in Gropello Cairoli

  • Farmabios Plant
  • Process development, scale-up and manufacturing
  • Specialized in steroids and HPAPI synthesis
  • Solid state expertise
  • Strong regulatory history
  • EcoVadis 2023 GOLD certified

Founded in 1961 and located near Milan (Italy), Gropello Cairoli’s site comprises team of over 200 employees. It is a world leader in steroid chemistry, producing more than 80 APIs and advanced intermediates such as Corticosteroids & Hormones (sterile & non-sterile). It also has great expertise in the scale-up and production of HPAPIs, including cytotoxics, as well as cannabidiol (CBD). The site offers CDMO services and hosts Axplora’s center of excellence in solid state chemistry.

Axplora steroids and HPAPIs manufacturing site in Gropello Cairoli
Our site in Gropello Cairoli (Lombardy region, Italy)