Your reliable CDMO partner for Crop Science development and manufacturing

Axplora crop science development and manufacturing

Innovation continues to drive the agrochemical industry, with the regular launch of new crop protection products helping farmers to feed the world more efficiently.

Axplora is a reliable and experienced CDMO, supporting the world’s leading innovative agrochemical companies with their active ingredients and intermediates for established and novel fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides, from R&D to field trials, 5-batch analysis and commercial manufacturing, in a safe & sustainable way.

Your agrochemical active ingredient in expert hands

With decades of experience in the manufacturing of agrochemical actives and intermediates in dedicated facilities, Axplora is well positioned to serve the specific needs of agrochemical companies. We work in exclusivity with our customers, offer the flexibility to work under challenging timelines and in full transparency as a long-term partner.

Our ability handling highly energetic compounds, and in the production of nitrogen rich intermediates and heterocycles is recognized worldwide.

We are focused on addressing your development and manufacturing needs and requirements with the support of an experienced project team and a wide range of flexible assets.

Axplora expertise in agrochemical production
Axplora expertise in agrochemical production

Agrochemical production services

Axplora can support you throughout the entire value-chain. We operate multipurpose production workshops from bench to large-scale manufacturing (from kilograms to thousands of tons per year) with dedicated facilities.

Our tailored services comprise:

  • Process development & optimization
  • Route scouting
  • Scale-up
  • 5-batch analysis
  • Commercial manufacturing
  • REACH support
  • Continuous improvement programs to access ever smarter processes utilizing reliable and optimally priced raw materials.

We help our customers to simplify their supply chain: our sourcing experts manage our network of approved suppliers for optimum reliability and cost.

Axplora agrochemical production services

Our customized contract manufacturing solutions for agrochemicals active ingredients or intermediates comprise a broad range of assets, with a global reactor capacity of 450 m3, and enabling technologies, e.g., for chiral molecules, and include the management of processes requiring sophisticated safety precautions.

As a world leader in azide chemistry, and other hazardous reactions, we can help you develop and launch your next crop protection Project.

Our sustainable approach is embodied by an efficient waste handling strategy, thanks to on-site incinerators for off gas and liquid waste treatment, and a responsible and cost-effective waste treatment ensures via local chemical platforms.

Our operations fully comply with European Crop Protection Association (ECPA) and United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines to prevent cross contamination.

Axplora manufacturing services for agrochemical companies
Axplora manufacturing services for agrochemical companies

The development and industrialization of your agrochemical intermediate or active represents a complex workflow. Our project managers are at your side, keeping the focus on deliverables through every step of your project in terms of quantity, quality, timelines, and cost, and ensure a transparent communication and reporting on all aspects of the project.

Our center of excellence for agrochemicals CDMO services

Our purpose-built manufacturing facility is located in Leverkusen , on the eastern bank of the Rhine, halfway between Cologne and Düsseldorf, west of Germany.

Axplora Leverkusen site with agrochemical production expertise