Mesalazine 5-
Aminosalicylic Acid

CAS number: 89-57-6

Axplora is arguably the largest manufacturer of the drug substance worldwide, operating two manufacturing sites (one in Germany, one in India) under one unique regulatory umbrella. Multiple raw material souces from different contintents are qualified making our supply security unmatched globally.
Proprietary electro-chemical manufacturing process, efficient and highly automated production with the highest quality and purity. We have the largest number of grades available that allow us to match any forumlation requirement
  • Therapeutic area Anti-Inflammatory Gastrointestinal
  • Monograph PH.EUR. USP JP
  • Available grade Dense Fine Fine Extra Coarse
  • Regulatory documentation CEP
    EU DMF
    US DMF#
    JP DMF
    CA DMF
    KR DMF#
    TW DMF
    BR DMF
    TH / ID DMF
  • Produced in RAU