CPHI worldwide 2023 continuity: Interview with Arul Ramadurai, CCO

Published on November 29, 2023

Arul Ramadurai, CCO at Axplora, getting interviewed for CPHI Worldwide 2023 in barcelona

After Dr. Sylke Hassel’s exclusive interview at CPHI Worldwide, Arul Ramadurai, CCO at Axplora, also spoke on camera to share his business vision. This interview takes us on a journey through Axplora’s legacy forged through the integration of Farmabios, Novasep, and Pharmazell, and how this heritage forms the bedrock of Axplora’s commercial strategy.

In essence, the three legacy brands have come together to offer both API products to generic companies and CDMO services to innovative big pharma and biotech companies and thus support the entire lifecycle of pharmaceutical products.

Arul underlines the unbreakable link between patients’ security and our sites’ audits and certifications to meet the customers’ expectations. And for him, security supply, high quality, and products on time are the basics that set Axplora apart as a Reliable Partner.

Last point but not least, Arul provides a glimpse into Axplora’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy, not only expected by customers but also core to “our being”.  Indeed, as a player in the pharmaceutical industry, Axplora is actively looking for more sustainable and cost-efficient solutions such as electrochemistry where the company has gained a unique experience and expertise to match the increased complexity of new APIs being developed.